The UK National Cadet Class Association (UKNCCA) are the UK association that governs and supports young sailors of the Cadet dinghy. The Cadet dinghy is the worlds only exclusively junior double handed boat.

As a not for profit, volunteer led association the UKNCCA we’re struggling with communications, both internally and externally. Information was becoming silo’d and members frustrated by the lack of information. People within the association used their own email accounts for association business and it was difficult to share knowledge.

The result of this was that engagement with the associations membership was down, leading to lower event attendance and reduced revenue.

Sailr Solutions worked with the UKNCCA to develop a new public facing web site and to streamline membership signup and renewals. We also worked to automate event entry and ticketing. The deployment of Office 365 has enabled significantly better communication internally while using Mailchimp for external campaigns has ensured greater engagement with the membership and wider public.